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Clematis Huldine

Taylors Clematis:   

Clematis Huldine
Clematis Huldine

Pot size when delivered Sent out in Large 2 litre pots, (8 inches deep x 5 inches wide)
Size when delivered Generally plants are around 1 metre high when sent out (depending on growth rate/Pruning/ time of year)
Age when delivered All our plants are at least 2 years old when sent out



Pruning group

Prune Hard - Group 3 - Medium sized flowers


Any Aspect


10 - 15ft (3 - 4.5m)

Flowering Time

July to October

Flower Diameter (In Inches)

4-6 inches



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The Clematis Huldine (or viticella huldine) has masses of medium sized white flower from July to October. Huldine can be grown through trees and will reach heights of around 15 feet.
Huldine was Awarded The 'Award of Garden Merit' by the RHS in 2002

Raised in the early 1900's and introduced by Ernest Markham into the UK in 1934 (Markham was the head gardener at Gravetye Manor)

here is the official review from the international clematis society:-

There are several late-blooming clematis with flowers whose undersides add noticeably to their ornamental effect -- 'Star of India' and 'Lilacina Floribunda' come readily to mind -- but there is probably no clematis better loved for this unusual feature than C. 'Huldine.' Its midsized flowers, with their six gracefully arching tepals and creamy center, are nearly always described as pearly white, and so they appear against a dark background. But they are translucent as well, and this gives them what might be described as their one-two punch. Plant the vine where the bloom can be seen at least sometimes with the sun behind it, and the flower shows off its right cross, the track of mauve at every midrib. There must be very few garden books that mention 'Huldine' and fail to point this out.

Sun is important to 'Huldine' in another way. This is no vine for a shady site; the wood needs a long season of warmth and light to flower well. At maturity the plant can vary widely in size depending on its situation -- from 3.5 m. (12') up to 6 m. (20') -- and normally develops a considerable spread at the base. Since it blooms on its new wood, it can be hard-pruned like other Group 3 clematis in autumn or early Spring, but there are good advisers who favor waiting until the new growth is well advanced and making the cut higher up, so as to exert more control over the shape and mass of the flowering tops.

Occasionally one hears of a plant of 'Huldine' that refuses to flower, or is erratic about its timing from one year to another. The fact that some specimens seem to have this oddity and others do not has led to a speculation that there may be two forms, or two cultivars, circulating under the same name. This may be so, and some few gardeners who bring home Dr. Jekyll could discover two years later that it is Mr. Hyde. But a first line of defense in any case is to give the plant plenty of sun, plenty of water, and plenty of time.

'Huldine' is of uncertain lineage, being one of many seedlings bred by Francisque Morel around 1900 and passed along to William Robinson and his staff at Gravetye Manor in England. First exhibited by Ernest Markham in 1934, it won the RHS Award of Merit, and despite occasional scarcity has been in production ever since.

As to the name, speakers of English fall readily into "Hul-DEEN" or "HUL-deen". Magnus Johnson in Slšktet Klematis takes it to be French and writes it "yldinn" (the y representing the distinctive French u). On the other hand Percy Picton, who must have heard and spoken the name a thousand times when he worked as a young man at Gravetye Manor, gave it three syllables -- in his soft Malvern-Hills sound, "Awl-DEE-ny" -- marking it as the diminutive of a German name: in effect, "Little Hulda". And that (allowing for some shaping up of the vowels) is the usual pronunciation in Germany. Fortunately they all come out the same on paper.


Award of Garden Merit Award of Garden Merit
Sent out in Large 2 litre pots, (8 inches deep x 5 inches wide) Sent out in Large 2 litre pots, (8 inches deep x 5 inches wide)
Generally plants are around 1 metre high when sent out (depending on growth rate/Pruning/ time of year) Generally plants are around 1 metre high when sent out (depending on growth rate/Pruning/ time of year)
All our plants are at least 2 years old when sent out All our plants are at least 2 years old when sent out

Detailed images

Clematis Huldine close up

Clematis Huldine close up

Clematis Huldine group shot

Clematis Huldine group shot

Clematis Huldine mass coverage

Clematis Huldine mass coverage



Huldine Clematis

This question was asked by
- Rufus

We want to buy a couple of these to grow up an archway for a September 2020 wedding.
Do you thing they will reach 6 foot plus and flower well by then?

Hi Its asking a bit much for them to 'flower well' for you in septmeber after freshly planting the same season. We generally tell people to get them in the season before in order for the roots to establish under the ground.

however that said yes they should get up to 6 feet and they will put you some flower on this same season, but as to when the flower comes and goes is anyones guess really?

as all our plants are 2 years old it gives you the best possible chance over other peoples younger and less hardy plants. Give it a go and see how it fairs?


Chris and Suzy


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