Clematis feed

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Lewis F

I wanted to know if I could order the feed without the plant as i have already several plants.
if so ,I would like to order about 10 packets of feed.

Hi Lewis yes you can have 10 bags delivered anywhere in the country for £13
here is the link that you need below –

Cheers Chris

Chris and Suzy

Clematis Queen Mother

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Kathy D

Interested in Queen Mother. You put it as a Texensis, everywhere else says it is a Viticella.
Comments please! We think Viticella group may be more reliable.
Thank you.

Hi Kathy, great question!
I have had a few conversations with growers and breeders today about this and the general consensus is that it could ‘in theory’ be classed as ‘either’ or ‘both’ – which ever way you look at it, you can rest assured that Clematis ‘Queen mother’ is fully hardy and will perform very well in any situation that you put her in. So regardless as to whether you think it is texensis or viticella – its a really strong grower and a general good ‘doo-er’
please see below the edit that I have made to the description on our website today :-
This is one of those clematis that is in deliberation amongst the heads of the ‘clematis world’ as to whether its a texensis or a viticella

The Main attributes, such as the fact that it has ‘Urn shaped’ or ‘Trumpet / flute shaped’ flowers and the fact that they nod, along with the re-curved tepals are all common traits of the ‘Texensis’ species/group.

But the fact that the breeder (William Straver from Germany) did not log which clematis are the actual parents , means that its not certain which group it falls into. The fact that some of the buds do nod, would indicate that it is part of the ‘viticella’ group.

So we are unsure but by pure looks and habit alone we feel it needs to stay in our texensis group

Queen Mother

Queen Mother

Chris and Suzy