evergreen clematis

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I am keen to buy some clematis plants from you this year – at the moment I have Fragrant Oberon, cirrhosa wisley cream and cirrhosa purpurascens (Freckles) on my list. Are you likely to have these all in stock at the same time at some point this year? Will probably buy some other summer flowering varieties at the same time too! Kind regards, Anisah

Hi yes hopefully. However it will be quite difficult to time it all to perfection as the fragrant oberon are very popular when ever they come back into stock. The next batch of freckles should be ready in about 4-6 weeks time, so probably check back then?
in the meantime you will need to click the ‘notify me’ button on the oberon and freckles (links below)

Chris and Suzy

Clematis – Fragrant Oberon

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I have ordered from you a few times over the last year. I would like to order Clematis Fragrant Oberon and Princess Kate. Do you have Fragrant Oberon available, if so I will telephone you to place an order for both, otherwise I will just order Princess Kate on line in the usual way.

Hi Alan, yes we have a few oberon that we can let go. but yes you will need to ring and place the order as we are not putting them on the internet (there are just not enough to go round you see)
I answer the phone every weekday for 2 hours (8am to 10am)
cheers chris

Fragrant Oberon

Chris and Suzy