Size of Flower

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Angela E

Hi, I’m interested in buying a clematis and prefer the small to medium flowers. I prefer the likes of “Giselle” and “Skyfall” to the ones where the flowers are the size of saucers. Is there a particular type or name I should look out for to help narrow down my search?

Hi Angela, good question. I have now made an extra category on our website that shows all the larger flowered varieties (like Giselle) that are still in group 3 range. This is a question that we have been asked for in the past – so I have now dealt with the search issue and created this new catagory. please find below the link to all the ones that you are interested in – all in 1 place (there are 35 of them)

Prune Hard – Group 3 – Larger sized flowers

Chris and Suzy