Ship to USA?

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Dear Chris and Suzy,
I have searched our entire (beleaguered) country and absolutely no one carries the ONE clematis I want for a special garden I’m designing in honor of my mum: Ordorata Oberon. My mother was a watercolorist, and would have adored the perfect pale green of the oberon. Can you possibly ship to the USA? And what would it cost? I DO order all my tea cozies from the UK, so that’s a start? Thank you! – Jessica

Hi we grow one called ‘montana odorata’ and another one called ‘fragrant Oberón’ but I’m afraid we don’t grow one called ‘odorata Oberón’
Maybe ask the international clematis society as they may be able to help.
Unfortunately the USA do not allow the importation of live plants. So it’s not a country that we can send to.

Chris and Suzy