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Hi Chris and Suzy,

I’m wondering if you could help. Ive got an area in my garden where the sun doesn’t get to. Its not dark shade but the house shades the area all the same. My passion flower has gone mad in the area but I think its because it seemed out the sun so grew upwards to get it but other plants in the area have struggled.

I see you have shade loving clematis but I’m wondering which of the varieties you have that you’d recommend over others. I’m wanting a few varieties so they can weave themselves a little and I can have colour in varying months.

Also, I see theres a clematis called Dianna with the little pink flowers. My Nannan was called Dianna so I’m wanting to plant this variety for her. You haven’t got it in stock as yet, do you know when you will? And is this variety a good one for a beginner who isn’t particularly green fingered?

One more thing. I love the double heads or a flower with a bit of a difference. Again as a beginner would you recommend a few varieties I could buy please. Again different heights ( I have fences I would like to cover), different flowering times and flowering as long as possible. I see there are type 1, type 2 etc. Is one particular type easier than another? I’m not being a lazy gardener, I have a health condition which makes life quite difficult so need to make things as easy as possible but with great effects.

I only live at Cusworth so not far from you. When we are all able to get out, do you have nurseries we can visit or is it all done online? I’d rather support my local businesses than go further afield so I see you deliver? That would be fantastic and I can’t wait to order from you but I’m looking forward to being able to see flowers in person again before buying.

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks


Hi Sarah
The Diana’s should be ready in about a month or so. Easy to grow ones are boulevards, which we have a great selection of colours, short in height but long flowering. Viticellas are much taller but still easy clematis.
Please check them out on our website
Many Thanks

Chris and Suzy