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I love the help and advice on your site and am keen to buy one of your plants.
Can you recommend one that would suit the following please:
1) My last Clematis died of Wilt, so Wilt resistant;
2) Not too vigorous grower – it is planned to go up the garden fence so I do not want one the I have to keep cutting back several times a year;
3) The intended area does not get any direct sun so is quite shady all year;
4) If the shady area is not recommended then I can put it in a different position which is much sunnier;
5) If there is a choice then I would rather get something slightly unusual compared to the bulk standard;
6) It will be going in a pot.

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Hi Simon, basically in order to fulfil all your requirements you need to choose 1 from either our alpina or macropetala or koreana ranges (yioiu have about 80 or so varieties within these 3 species to choose from and all will suit your criteria – I have added all the links below. As all our plants are 2 years old and fully mature this makes them fully hardy and plantable 52 weeks a year, so the sooner you get them in the better they will perform this year.

Clematis – Alpina

Clematis – Macropetala

Clematis – Koreana

Chris and Suzy