Mould resistant clematis

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Dear Taylor’s,

I am hoping you might recommend a couple of clematis that would be happy against the corner of a north facing wall at the top of a garden. Previous clematis, type 2 I think, have started well, with plenty of flowers, but then developed a powdery mould. I gave up last year and took it out but would still like a clematis on the obelisk. The last one was similar to Etolie Violette. In hope, Lucy

Hi Lucy, we have hundreds that will be happy in a north facing position, so to narrow it down we will need to establish what colours you would like, when you would want flowers and how far up your wall you would like them to grow? as this will get us to a short list.
As far as the Powdery mould goes its called ‘mildew’ or ‘powdery mildew’ and it only occurs when a plant is under some sort of sufferance, the ususl suspects are either lacking in water or lacking in feed, but without being there its hard to say really?
I have included a link below which will be a good starting point for you as its all the shade loving ones. You can then start to filter by colour and then flowering time etc, and this will get you to the ones you are after.
hope this helps

Shade Loving

Chris and Suzy