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We received a Huldine clematis from you on April 4/5 we have only just found the time to put it in the ground. Looks good. 🙂

We particularly want this plant to flower late Sept/Oct. do we need to prune it now down to about 12 inches?

Thank you for your help


Hi Patty, don’t expect too much from it the same season to planting, it will do what it can for you regarding flowers but it will be concentrating on putting its roots down in the ground first. Huldine’s flowering period is normally July to October and this is achieved by cutting it back to about 12-18 inches early march time. So if you want to play around with the flowering periods then ‘Yes’ you have to cut it back again later on in the year.
So you would cut it back in march (as normal) then if you are wanting it to hopefully start flowering in September – you will need to cut it back a second time early july time (just before it starts to flower normally)
Its not a question that we normally get asked but I Hope this helps.
Many Thanks Chris

Clematis Huldine

Chris and Suzy