Hardy plants for Inverness Shire climate

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Mrs vivian M

Also fairly sandy soil, so information for preparation of ground would help. Also evergreen varieties would be good. Wanted as birthday present for daughter-in-law

Hi Vivian, As all of our varieties are fully hardy it wont matter too much which ones you go for really. However if it is really extreme then I would probably stick to the ‘alpina’/ ‘macropetala’ / Montana / and the ‘viticella’ types (see link attached) as these will withstand the worst that the weather can throw at them (driving wind/coastal regions) and also can go down to temperatures as low as around -35. So if you are wanting the toughest then go for these. However if its not that bad then just feel free to choose any of our others. Please bare in mind that all evergreen types need full sun and shelter from strong winds. As long as your soil is nice a free draining then you should not have any problems, but if its heavy clay then you will need to improve it before planting.
Hope this helps and answers all your questions
Many Thanks

Chris and Suzy