Doubling up of clematis grown on structure/raised beds

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We have 4 square raised beds (approx 18” high) which sit at the foot of a 4-sided metal gazebo. I want to plant tall clematis on each of the legs with the intention that these grow over the gazebo and all meet in the centre. But I am wondering if it would be possible to also grow a shorter variety at the foot of each taller one to add to the display.

Our garden is on a floodplain, hence the raised beds, and is in a frost pocket.

Am I being too ambitious?

Hi Jane sorry for the late reply but we have been mega busy this week with mail order.
Yes it sounds like a good idea I would suggest using our viticella types for the height on the uprights then some of our boulevard collection for lots of flower nearer the bottom . This will work very well and is used by many garden designers to achieve this effect. Please find the links below

Clematis – Viticella


Chris and Suzy