Clematis for metal garden arches

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David M

I will soon have several metal garden arches, spanning a path, and would like some clematis to grow up them. However, I’m advised that I should carefully select the clematis by final growing height, so that they don’t overwhelm the arches (giving a sort of ‘birds nest’ at the top). The height of the arches is 2.4m, so can you give me some suitable clematis recommendations? Many thanks!

Hi David, yes that is good advise that you have been given, as the ‘final height’ is always a good place to start. If you click the link below it will take you to the heights menu, you will then be able to select 6-8 feet which is what I would recommend for your arches.
You can then sub filter by colour and also flowering period, so in about 3 clicks you will get very close to your ideal selection. Hope this helps, Many Thanks Chris

Clematis by Height

Chris and Suzy