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Hi –

I was hoping for some advice as a Clematis novice.
I am looking to pot plant a climbing clematis along a fence corner. 1m to one side and 2m to the other.
South facing but at back of house so sun often blocked by house when sun is low.
Flowering season – long as poss. Jun – Sept or more. White flowers or white/pink.
Could you suggest something for me?
I have 14 inch x 14 inch pot (is this big enough?).

Many thanks,

Hi yes take a look at our boulevard collection as these will be perfect for your 14 inch pot and are available in many colours,as all our plants are 2 years old in 2 litre pots and fully hardy, it means that they are fully mature and can be planted at anytime of year, so the sooner they go in the better they will perform this same season.
Hope this helps, please find the link below


Chris and Suzy