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Rebecca M

I can’t find anywhere to leave feedback, but wanted to take the time out to say thank you for a beautiful plant, quickly delivered and you did what you said you’d do, which is lovely and refreshing!!
So, again, thank you. Great job.
Kind regards, Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca that’s always nice to hear, you could leave us a google review if you wish as they are public and everyone can see them, Every one helps, Cheers Chris

Chris and Suzy


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I was hoping to find a Kitty (or 2) for my grand-daughter’s birthday – Kitty! – 15th November.
Any hope ? perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know when and if available.

Thanks, Daphne Philo

Hi, the batch that we have growing here will not be ready until the springtime I’m afraid.
if you click the ‘notify me’ button you will be among the first to be informed when I do put them back in stock (link below)

Chris and Suzy

Clematis Beginning with-C

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Kathy B

Hi I was just wondering if you still stocked Clematis Carol Klein as I can’t see it on your website. Many thanks.

Hi Kathy, We won’t have any until the middle of next year at the earliest. However clematis hendryetta is almost identical, if you wish to take a look at it – I have included the link below. Many Thanks Chris


Chris and Suzy

Size of Flower

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Angela E

Hi, I’m interested in buying a clematis and prefer the small to medium flowers. I prefer the likes of “Giselle” and “Skyfall” to the ones where the flowers are the size of saucers. Is there a particular type or name I should look out for to help narrow down my search?

Hi Angela, good question. I have now made an extra category on our website that shows all the larger flowered varieties (like Giselle) that are still in group 3 range. This is a question that we have been asked for in the past – so I have now dealt with the search issue and created this new catagory. please find below the link to all the ones that you are interested in – all in 1 place (there are 35 of them)

Prune Hard – Group 3 – Larger sized flowers

Chris and Suzy


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Please may I ask what “H” number this clematis westerplatte has with regard to winter hardiness?

Hi Graham, I’ve never heard of ‘H numbers’
The hardiness of a plant is generally instilled into it durning the first year or 2 of its life and will depend on where it’s been grown and whether it’s been grown indoors or outside.
What I can tell you is that all our plants are 2 years old and have been grown outside here in Doncaster – they are all hardy down to about -15 to -20
However other people’s young and less mature plants will differ dramatically
Hope this helps

Chris and Suzy

Clematis Beginning with-w

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Hi, I am looking for an early flowering climber with a strong fragrance. I have been given the name “Clematis Winter Beauty” does this fit the bill and if so do you stock it. Other suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, I’m afraid winter beauty is not scented ( I know a couple of websites out there say that it is – but its not)
The only early flowering scented ones that we have are the armandii types
please see link below

Clematis – Armandii

Chris and Suzy

Shade / Wilt resistant

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I love the help and advice on your site and am keen to buy one of your plants.
Can you recommend one that would suit the following please:
1) My last Clematis died of Wilt, so Wilt resistant;
2) Not too vigorous grower – it is planned to go up the garden fence so I do not want one the I have to keep cutting back several times a year;
3) The intended area does not get any direct sun so is quite shady all year;
4) If the shady area is not recommended then I can put it in a different position which is much sunnier;
5) If there is a choice then I would rather get something slightly unusual compared to the bulk standard;
6) It will be going in a pot.

Many thanks,

Hi Simon, basically in order to fulfil all your requirements you need to choose 1 from either our alpina or macropetala or koreana ranges (yioiu have about 80 or so varieties within these 3 species to choose from and all will suit your criteria – I have added all the links below. As all our plants are 2 years old and fully mature this makes them fully hardy and plantable 52 weeks a year, so the sooner you get them in the better they will perform this year.

Clematis – Alpina

Clematis – Macropetala

Clematis – Koreana

Chris and Suzy

Selecting a clematis

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Hi , we live on the south coast in Hampshire. Ideally we would like a clematis to grow on a south facing chimney stack and also if possible evergreen.
Thanks Frank

Hi Frank as long as its not too windy you should be ok, please find a link below to all our evergreen types. As all our plants are 2 years old and fully mature this makes them fully hardy and plantable 52 weeks a year, so the sooner you get them in the better they will perform this year.


Chris and Suzy

Hardy Clematis

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Please advise best varieties of hardy clematis for mid Northumberland location to grow on pergola spect sw.

Hi Julian, Where we score over other online suppliers is that we are the actual ‘grower’ & All the clematis we grow are fully hardy. They are all 2 years old and plantable 52 weeks a year – anywhere in the world.
The only way we can narrow down your selection is by you choosing a colour and a height range then which flowering months you are looking for.
All this can also be done on our website using the catagories on the left to start with then using the filter options at the top- this will streamline the selection for you.
Give it a go and see how you get on – here is a good place to start (see link below)

Clematis by Colour

Chris and Suzy


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Hi, is it possible to purchase a plant for delivery to a different address from my own (as a gift)?
A satisfied customer x

Hi Janet, yes it is. Just press ‘ship to a different address’ when you get to step 2 of the checkout process

Chris and Suzy