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We have an unsightly north facing chain link fence in our garden. It is subject to strong winds. We hope to plant evergreen clematis plants to hide it. The fence is about 150 feet long (46 metres). Can you please advise us to which clematis would be best for this situation, also the amount we would need and the cost. Thanking you in anticipation

Hi Eddie, I’m afraid you won’t get evergreen clematis to grow there due to the aspect and the conditions, so I think mature montanas are your best bet here and as all ours are 2 years old when they come out, they stand the best chance of thriving there for you.
If you want total coverage then look at planting 1 every 8 feet or so.
If you order more than 5 on our website then they work out at £9 each
Hope this helps

Clematis – Montana

Chris and Suzy