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Taylors Clematis :: Maria Basescu

Maria Basescu

Maria Băsescu, good taste and discretion Author: Ileana Dima "The Romania’s first lady", appreciated for the distinction of her clothing and posture, celebrates her birthday. There is a saying, according to which “behind any great man there is a great woman", and this saying is perfect for Maria Băsescu, who celebrates her birthday today. A low-profile woman, willing to give up herself just for helping her husband and her two daughters, Ioana, 34, and Elena, 31. This is the image that Maria Băsescu has built during the political carrier of her husband, and a very conclusive evidence for this purpose is the following: Maria Băsescu is the only family member who does not have a page on the Wikipedia. Being a very discrete person, the first lady of Romania avoids, as much as she can, to make any statements regarding her family and her life, being satisfied with as much as staying by the side of the president, Traian Băsescu, at the official events. From the dancing party to the altar Born in Cajvana, Suceava County, Maria Băsescu (whose maiden name is Andruşca) has graduated the "Ştefan cel Mare" High school in Suceava, and later, between 1972 and 1974, has graduated the Commercial Technique School in Constanţa. She has met her husband, Traian Băsescu, in 1973, to a "dancing party". "He was in the Marine Institute, I in the Commercial Technique School in Constanţa. In the beginning I didn’t pay much attention to the relation going on between us. I knew that, after I finish school, I would go back home, in Bucovina, so I accepted it as a friendship and not as an engagement. I was attracted by him, but I was reserved and not making any plans for the future. We were seeing each other on Sundays and Saturdays when he was allowed to leave the Institute, we were walking, and we were going to the cinema. After a year, I went back home to Bucovina. We kept in touch, we were writing to each other, and one day he came to my parents’ home. He came to propose me. Shortly afterwards, his parents came to visit us, because those days people were observing the customs, so, in 1975 we’ve got married", said Maria Băsescu telling us the story of how she got to change her maiden name, during an interview for In the service of her family After two years of marriage Ioana Băsescu, the elder daughter of the family, was born and Maria Băsescu decided to give up her work and to dedicate entirely to look after her baby girl. Three years later, in 1980, Elena Băsescu was born, and the home-staying mom statute of Maria Băsescu has been thus sealed, due to the conditions of that time: "In those days t was pretty difficult, the after birth leave was only two months long and I didn’t have the heart to send them to the nursery at a such young age. I gave up my work and, from that moment on, I have completely dedicated myself to my family", explained Maria Băsescu her decision. Praised for her posture Since 2004, when she became "the first lady" of Romania, Maria Băsescu has stand out by her posture and her exceptional conduct. Her clothing choices have been praised during the years by the fashion designers, who praised her discrete but styled look. Besides, she has always proved to be diplomatic and nice in relation to the journalists she and her husband had come into contact with. One of her passions for her spare time is horsemanship, a very elegant and noble sports that she started to practice in 2003 and that fit her like a glove. She started the riding lessons in Baneasa Club in Bucharest and, so far, she rode 15 horses. She found a flaw to each one of them, except for "Răsfăţ", the house she received as a gift from Traian Băsescu. With this horse she had the perfect connection from the very beginning. A nephew, the most beautiful gift We don’t know what gift her daughters have prepared for her today, but we do know what she wants: to become a grandmother. On the 1st of June, when the Basescu family was present at the reception organized by Prince Paul and Princess Lia at Porigrafu (Prahova county), on the one year anniversary of their son, prince Carol Ferdinand, Maria Băsescu confessed she has recently urged her daughters to become mothers. "I told my girls – I think it might come as a shock to you -, I don’t care, they can marry or not, but a child is a priority and they should have it as soon as they can. (...) I want to become a grandmother. Ioana said she married once and she doesn’t need it anymore, the young one says «Look what happened to, so I don’t need it either ». «Then you should have a child of your own to have someone when you’ll be old! »", said Maria Băsescu, adding to that the fact that, long time ago, she wanted to have a boy, too. "We really wanted to have a son, but, as my husband was always sailing when we were young, it did not happen. My husband really wanted to have one more child", remembered the first lady. INTELLIGENT AND BEAUTIFUL Described by Traian Băsescu "I love and appreciate the beautiful women. My wife is not only beautiful, but she is also intelligent", said Traian Băsescu about his wife, during an electoral argument in 2009 with the liberal Crin Antonescu. Two months later, during the same electoral campaign, Maria Băsescu made a love declaration to her husband, in return, declaration that ended as follows: "I conclude by saying that it is not easy to be a president’s wife, when he will chose the country over the family. But for that as well, I love and I respect my husband, Traian Băsescu".  
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