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Taylors Clematis :: Clematis Wilt

Clematis Wilt

Clematis Wilt is a systemic condition that only really affects plants that are under sufferance. Healthy Clematis should not suffer from the wilt, however if you have a clematis that is of the large flowered kind ( eg Group 2 varieties ) that has all of a sudden drooped overnight ( or very quickly ) then water in a good quality fungicide
90% of suspected wilt cases are actually just plants that have dried out, so itís always a good idea to try a gallon of water and see if it picks up over 24 hours first.
Then cut the plant back to where the the wilt has started ( depending on how long it's been will depend on how far the wilt has travelled down the stem) then destroy the affected stems. Water regular and start to feed with a potash based feed ( tomato food ) as soon as fresh growth starts to appear.
 As long as the clematis has been planted deep in the first instance, the plant will re-shoot even if the wilt has travelled all the way to ground level.
The RHS also have some more info and pics on the subject of 'Clematis Wilt' Click Here
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