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Vine Weevil

Taylors Clematis:   
Vine Weevil
Vine Weevil

History of the Clematis

Pests and Disease


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These insects in their adult form look like medium sized black beetles and can normally be found residing on or under leaves which they feed on leaving what looks like an irregular bite. This probably will do little harm to the plant but it is the eggs and associated larvae that they lay in the soil by the roots that do the damage. The larvae have a voracious appetite for roots and you will not know your plant has a problem until it wilts and dies. They can be a real problem if you grow plants in containers where they are most likliest to be found. There are now some control products available on the market including nematodes,provado, and scotts vine veevil killers ( they are all very effective if used mid-late summer as they prevent the larvae from doing any damage in winter through to spring). The adult weevil cannot fly so if you have a greenhouse then it is a good idea to grease the pillars as this stops the weevils climbing onto any raised benches. Or use Agralan insect barrier glue around the base of pots/ planters etc to trap them on. However the more natural option would be to try to introduce/encourage more Birds, Toads, Shrews, Hedgehogs into the garden as they all love to feed on them. The RHS have more info and pics on vine weevil:- Click Here

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