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Taylors Clematis :: Clematis Pruning

Clematis Pruning

Many people are confused about when to prune, the rule-of-thumb is:-
'if it's flowered before June do not prune'.

Group 1 -No Pruning
These are varieties, which flower on the previous seasons growth, they all flower early in the season. These include alpinas, macropetalas, the Evergreens and montanas. No pruning is required other than removing any dead or weak stems after flowering in late May/June. Plants that have made excessive growth can be pruned back (maximum half way) if required, also at this time of year. Pruning these types at any other time of year may result in fewer (or no) flowers. Also if you cut through wood that is too thick, then they may never shoot back.

Group 2 - Optional Pruning
This group consists of all early, large flowered hybrids, including double and semi-double varieties.
Their main flowering period is May, June and September.
They should be cut back about halfway after the first flowers have finished late June to July,
then simply 'tidy up' by cutting out dead or weak stems in February/March the
remaining stems should be cut to a strong pair of buds,
a variation in the length of  these stems should result in flowers
being more evenly spread up and down the length of the plant.

Group 3 - Hard Pruning
Late large flowered hybrids, viticellas, herbaceous and
species all fall into this group. These produce flowers on the current seasons growth and should be reduced to two strong leaf buds in February/March, this will normally be 12-18"
from the ground. Failure to prune these varieties may
result in the plant becoming bare of leaves and flowers at the base.

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